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Fable III is the third installment of the Fable franchise.

The game engine is a modified version of the Fable II engine. Fable III is not a difficult game to learn with no glitches present in the route as of October 2018.

The game was released on Xbox 360 in October 2010 and PC in May 2011. The Xbox 360 version of the game was added to Xbox One backwards compatibility in December 2015.

Unfortunately, the PC release of Fable III is no longer available for digital purchase due to the shutdown of Games for Windows Live in August 2013. A usermade patch has been released to remove the GFWL authentication from PC copies of Fable III.

The timer for Fable III full-game runs starts when you begin pressing the button to select your character's gender. Timing ends when the final blow is dealt to Darkness-possessed Walter.

The Fable III leaderboard is found on speedrun.com.

Version Differences

Fable III has very few differences between versions, the most notable being the addition of a difficulty option after selecting your character's gender and having to hold the button to eat purchased items in the PC version. Furthermore, the PC version of Fable III includes all Limited Collector's Edition content. A complete list of version differences is being compiled.

DLC & LCE Content

Fable III's downloadable content consists of outfits, tattoo sets, dye packs, dog potions, hair packs, quest packs, and legendary weapons.

The Limited Collector's Edition of Fable III on Xbox 360 included a download code that provided an additional quest The Silverpines Curse (through which you could obtain the legendary sword Wolfsbane), a house in Mistpeak Valley called Hunter's Lodge, a potion to give your dog the appearance of a boxer, and full Auroran outfits for both genders.


Unfortunately for the speedrunning community, the only glitches that have been found in Fable III fall into two categories: run-ending and useless.

Run-Ending Glitches

Occasionally the player will be unable to interact with any NPCs at all. This has been documented on the PC version. If this glitch is encountered on PC, the player must Quick Save then Load the same game. If this glitch is encountered on Xbox 360, the player must start a New Game as Quick Save is not available.

Useless Glitches

If the player can position their Hero on the wrong side of a ledge that has a Leap trigger, the Leap trigger will still appear allowing the player to clip through the collision box. If this is done while on a building model, the Hero will land on the terrain below the model and be able to move around. If this is done while on the terrain, the Hero will be repositioned on the terrain. If while vaulting the dog is interacted with, the Hero will fall out of the level upon leaving the interaction scene. After falling for some time, the Hero will be repositioned to the most recently used entrance to the level.

More information to be added.